Update 01
Update in launcher to FREE version. Now the launcher cannot be closed, if closed it closes the VPN with it. As the value we receive for ads  is almost nil. Also, if th...
24 August, 2021
New Installer / VIP
We changed the Client, we went back to OPENVPN, with an auto update of the software. Added MOSCOW 2 This same client now has a version without AD (adverts). Ad-free Client Acces...
05 August, 2021
New Installer
In order to always improve and optimize the installation and use of the VPN, the installation files were redone and organized. Download New Installer: Download Changed Serve...
30 July, 2021
Novo Instalador e Launcher
Nova versao do Cliente, quem nao estiver conseguindo abrir ou launcher faça o download do novo instalador no site.
03 July, 2021